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Ecco-410 3D-gun for Sealing applicationsEcco Finishing is your complete supplier of Finishing and Sealing solutions in applications ranging from automotive, industrial, cosmetic to leather and wood!

We supply both low pressure spray guns and high pressure spray gun for manual or automatic installations. In addition, we manufacture our own quality fluid nozzles, needles and air caps.

Piston pumps and diaphragm pumps, both for high pressure and low pressure applications of wet paint and other liquids are part of Ecco Finishing’s offerings. The product range also includes complementary products like pressure regulators, paint hoses, air hoses, filters, heaters and all other equipment necessary for paint circulation system or paint supplying system. 

Ecco Finishing’s forte and business credo are to be flexible, adaptive and reactive to each customer’s solution within finishing and sealing. Our R&D department is continuously working on developing new and innovative products, as well as adapt our standard products to unique customer requirements.

One of our fastest growing areas are sealing applicators, covering 3D-guns, or sealing applicators, for automotive underbody spraying, sealing and sound deadener production lines. Numerous installations with these 3D-guns have been made in Asia, US and Europe where the 410-applicators have proven to be a success.


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The automatic gun Ecco 68AS-HVLP is launched in a ”Pro Leat...

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Jun 18
New needle stroke control for Ecco 75AP

We normally don't recommend to use needle stroke control for adju...

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